The Good Samaritan Funeral Home – A Brief History

The Costigan family has owned and operated The Good Samaritan Funeral Home in Denver, NC since 2010. They purchased the 1830 home with the mindset of “Keeping the word HOME in funeral home”. After major renovations, the funeral home was opened for business in 2011. The Costigan family, Mike, Margaret and Catherine, operate the business’s day to day operations, serving the general public with quality funeral services.

Mike Costigan is a register funeral director licensed by NC. He has over 3 decades of experience working with families in the New York, Mooresville and Lake Norman areas. His methodology of a family operated funeral home has bolstered the home’s presence in the Lake Norman community and has been very well received.

The Good Samaritan Funeral Home specializes in helping veterans in the Denver and Lake Norman areas with funeral financing assistance. Mike’s experience in this field is unmatched and the veteran services are always well appreciated by the families.

Mike Costigan can help with Pre-Needs expertise; he understands that the expense of a nice funeral can greatly impact a family’s finances. He utilizes the Pre-Needs program to enable families the opportunity to pay for services in advance at an affordable rate, without compromising on the quality of the service.

The business is located on Highway 16 North in beautiful Denver, NC. The Lake Norman town has long been in need of quality funeral services and when The Good Samaritan Funeral Home opened its doors, the public rejoiced in the quality and care the Costigan family brought to the town.